Leveraging Augmented Reality to Enhance Training, Improve Service Outcomes, and Boost Frontline Worker Collaboration
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The pace of digital transformation is accelerating, and for many companies a key technology driving this change is augmented reality (AR

Learning Technology Consulting Solutions Case Study: McDonald’s Global Learning & Development
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Digital Transformation at Scale 

When McDonald's global learning and development team ran into a technical issue that would have disabled

Innovating post pandemic with AR
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Few enterprises have included pandemics in their business continuity planning in the past. However, it’s a sure bet that most will do so

Augmented reality for global enterprises
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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TCGS), a subsidiary of Toshiba TEC Corporation with over 2,000 employees, offers comprehensive POS

Business Continuity with AR for Service Technicians
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CGS Commended by Frost & Sullivan for its Introduction of Augmented Reality in an Immersive Customer Experience Solution, Teamwork AR

A Checklist for Assessing Contact Center Partners During COVID-19
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The way we do business is different now because of COVID-19. No matter your industry, it’s likely that social distancing measures and

Ongoing Impact of Covid-19 on Contact Center Support Services
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There are approximately 3 million customer service reps in the U.S. and millions more around the globe. Most of these representatives work

ROADMAP: CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCCESS For Field Services Organizations during Covid-19 Pandemic
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Prior to the pandemic, meeting customer expectations was the most important operational initiative for field service teams; this was

Reconsidering BPO Services in Response to Covid-19
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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed commerce, forcing companies to bring new technologies to the table that serve changing customer

State of field operations with COVID-19 infographic
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For service operations centered organizations, the ability to continue providing essential services during the Covid-19 global pandemic

Field services during the pandemic poll
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In a fast-paced and distributed world, essential deskless workers cannot rely on manual, slow and risky processes. During the COVID-19

Supporting healthcare through ar technology, customer support and enterprise learning
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CGS is leading a panel discussion at EWTS Everywhere, the industry’s leading enterprise wearable technology summit. 

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In a digital-first world, the 7,000+ CGS specialists on the frontline are more important than ever. We invest in best-in-class contact